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So you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, but don’t want to purchase expensive ads, or pay someone else to do it… Well, I got good news for you. I’ll show you how to rank your website organically on any search engine so you can get more free traffic and drive sales! By learning a step by step formula used by Search Engine Optimization professionals!

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Website Optimization

Perform a SEO audit, track SEO performance with Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster; and increase site speed using plug-ins.

Keyword Research

Learn about semantic search, the three types of keywords, the five methods to keyword research, and about using Google trends to prioritize your results.


Optimize your content to perform at the same level as the top 1% of the content online. Learn about topical relevance, content structure, and how to add the most impactful finishing touches.


Learn what backlinks are, why they are important, what your backlink profile looks like, and how you can start to get quality backlinks right now using 15 unique tactics.

Syeda Ali says,

The sound quality is very good. Video illustrations are spot on. The research is very thorough. You engage the audience right from the start. Overall, very very impressive

The Most Engaging and Entertaining SEO Course Ever Made!

Evolve the Students into SEO-Ninjas

I designed this course to help you stay relevant with value-added information, actionable steps, and easy to follow tutorials that will guide to the solid results which will exceed your expectation!

Jennifer McAdams says,

it looks amazing Ali, you should be proud…really good job. I really like you delivery its clear and concise.

Hello, my name is Ali Abbas

I am the Founder of Courses by Ali and I have been deeply invested in online marketing and SEO for more than 2 years. I’ve also worked as a digital marketer in the financial sector where I became known for improving search rankings from below the 20th page to the 1st & 2nd page of Google.

Ali Abbas

SEO Is An Investment

“The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.”

This course is designed for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Employees, Bloggers, Youtubers and Online Marketers who are looking to rank #1 on Search Engines.

Based on Extensive Research

The most well-researched course on SEO by quite a distance.

2 Million Unique URLs

000s of On-Page Factors

20,000 Search Queries

Billions of Backlinks & Social Signals

150 SEO Professionals

No Prior SEO Knowledge Required

Everything you need to learn about SEO will come up organically as you progress through the course.


Three Major Studies

These three studies were created by industry leaders and were dissected by me to get the most actionable items for us to work on.




Videos From The Course

All videos are recorded in 720p HD and contain insights, experiences, and tutorials that cannot be found anywhere else!

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“Out rank your competition, get more traffic and drive sales.”

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